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Welcome to Lower Mainland Carpet Cleaning in Abbotsford, BC. We are a locally owned & operated carpet cleaning company that has been providing professional carpet cleaning services since 1992. With many years in the carpet cleaning industry Lower Mainland Carpet Cleaning has become the reliable standard for people in the Lower Mainland looking for quality carpet and upholstery cleaning services at a cost effective price. It is through our impeccable commitment to customer service and our love of the industry that has allowed us to grow into the company we are today.
As a family owned company, we understand that your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Your home is your sanctuary and no one likes living with musty, dirty carpets or upholstery that have lost their appeal. To ensure the health of your family it is necessary to make sure that there is no dirt, bacteria or microorganisms hidden within the carpets or fabrics of your household. We can restore your carpet, as well as your tile and grout, giving it a like-new and well preserved appearance.

We use state of the Art Cleaning Equipment & Technology.
2012 Superior Truck-Mount cleaning Systems.
Corner Guards/Shoe Covers.
Eco-friendly environmentally safe products.
Fully Insured/Bonded.

Give us a call anytime and we will provide you with Free Estimates for any job Large or Small, And we Guarantee all of our work.

Lower Mainland Carpet Cleaning: Reliable, Honest and Thorough!

Excellent Carpet Cleaning Services in Abbotsford

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Have your carpets of your Home or Apartment lost there previous softness and fullness? As careful as you may want to be with your carpets they will eventually need a deep cleaning to bring back there original splendor. With Carpet being one of the biggest filters in your home/office or building they trap not only visible stains like food or drinks in the fibers but also the Dust,Dirt,Cooking oils and Bacteria in your Carpet/Upholstery. When the air in the room is calm, the particles in the air sink into the carpet and become trapped. However, A carpet can only hold in so much before regular foot traffic starts to bring it back up. Furthermore, the Dirt and debris in the air can damage the carpets/upholstery if not professionally steam cleaned.

Lower Mainland Carpet cleaning will gladly come to your Residence and professionally deep clean your wall to wall Carpet/Upholstery. For our customers that are concerned with there impact on the Environment we have and use Eco-friendly cleaning products that don't harm the environment and yourself on ever job. So you can have peace of mind knowing your experience with us was not only safe but done professionally.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We are here to clean and maintain the carpets of your Restaurant, Office, Store, Daycare, Place of Worship, School and Business. We as experienced technicians will come and write up a Free Estimate, and organize an annual cleaning Maintenance/Schedule program so that you do not have to worry about hidden menaces which collect in your carpets. And have that piece of mind that knowing that they are cleaned and maintained professionally.

We use Powerful 2012 Superior Truck-Mount System that produces Water Temperature's at 240(F)Fahrenheit giving you the ultimate in cleaning power. There is no job too big or small for Lower Mainland Carpet Cleaning. Be it the complete carpet cleaning of the wall to wall carpeting/upholstery of a multi-storied establishment, we will get it done on Schedule and within budget. Call today and set up a free consultation for your business.

Give us a call anytime and we will provide you with Free Estimates for any job large or small, and we guarantee all of our work.

Lower Mainland Carpet Cleaning: Reliable, Honest and Thorough!

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout are notoriously difficult to clean. Every homeowner and business owner knows that regular mopping, home tile cleaners and home grout cleaning methods just don't do the trick, Especially if your trying to eliminate stubborn dirt that has settled on tile surfaces or deep into grout lines.

Thankfully, Lower Mainland Carpet Cleaning's powerful truck-mounted cleaning system safely cleans floors, showers and counter tops by quickly removing dirt contaminates. Our Tile & Grout Cleaning process uses heat, specialized Eco-friendly cleaning solutions, and Vacuum Power to remove the dirt that home/business owners cant.

Specializing in:
Tile Floors
Counter tops/Back Splash
Pool decks
And much more..
Give Lower Mainland Carpet Cleaning a call and let us make your Tile & Grout sparkle.

Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

Your area rugs act as filters to collect harmful dust, dust mites and bacteria. These pollutants can cause everything from chronic fatigue to headaches and even breathing problems.

Lower Mainland Carpet Cleaning in Abbotsford achieves optimum area rug cleaning results by determining which cleaning technique suits your area rugs particular weaves, fibers and dyes. Our attention to detail can help dramatically extend the life of your area rugs and protect your investment. The products we use are among the best on the market and deep clean and revive the colors of your area rug(s), giving you that peace of mind of not hurting the rug fibers and the environment with Eco-friendly cleaning products.

Call Lower Mainland Carpet Cleaning and let us handle your area rug cleaning whether its at home or your place of business.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Like anything else in your home, your upholstered furniture requires cleaning over time. But do you clean your furniture as regularly as you should? We as trained technicians use natural Eco-Cleaning solutions that safely and gently removes soils from your fabric and upholstery. Our specialized upholstery cleaning tools help drying times so you can quickly get your home/Business back to normal.

Mattress Cleaning:
Dust mites and bed bugs can be a real annoyance, and might cause some unpleasant health problems. The best way of dealing with these Microscopic Pests is to take advantage of our cleaning process and we can guarantee to get rid of all dust mites, stains and bacteria from your mattress.

Whether its been a while since your last cleaning or you need your first, Give us a call and let us get your Upholstery/Furniture and Mattresses a deep thorough clean and protected professionally.

Entrance & Logo Mats

Entrance & Logo Mats

Logo mats cover more than just your floors.
Floor mats at entranceways and non-carpeted surfaces keep customers and employees safe from slips and falls — and can help you avoid complaints or possible legal action.

Mats capture dirt and liquids while people enter and walk through your building not only keeping your place clean, but also reducing maintenance costs.

We stand behind our mat cleanings so your employees can stand on them. All day long. Floor mats are proven to reduce fatigue for employees who are on their feet all day. And floor mats will save wear and tear on your carpets and floors because they reduce dust and dirt tracked in from outside.

We offer mat service cleaning.
On a weekly basis, we will carefully clean your dirty mats and leave them fresh and clean. We take care of cleaning and with no inventory investment needed for you.


How do you get chewing gum out of carpet?

If you have chewing gum in your carpet scrape away as much as possible first. Rubbing the stain with ice will harden the gum and make the removal easier. Next, sponge with a small amount of dry cleaning solvent. Blot. (use small amounts of solvent to prevent any damage to sizing, backings, or stuffing materials. DO NOT use gasoline, lighter fluid if carbon tetrachloride. Then, mix one teaspoon of a neutral detergent (a mild detergent containing no alkalis or bleaches) with a warm cup of lukewarm water. Blot.

How do you get candle wax out of carpet?

If you have candle wax in your carpet scrape off as much as possible with a spatula or spoon. If wax is deeply embedded, cover with a white cloth and apply iron on low setting. Wax will transfer to cloth. Any remaining residue may be removed by using a spot remover.

How do you get rid of grease stains?

Nothing is worse than an oil/grease stain on your carpet. It is such an eyesore. If yours is a fresh stain put down some kitty litter to absorb as much of the grease/oil as possible. Then vacuum. Next use a good spot remover on that stain. A good spot remover is specially formulated to remove most carpet and upholstery stains caused by oil. Just follow the instructions on the back of the label.

How do you get rid of spilled soy sauce?

To remove soy sauce from your carpets mix one teaspoon of mild pH balanced detergent (a mild non-alkaline non-bleaching detergent) with a cup of lukewarm water. Blot. Next, mix one teaspoon of household ammonia with a half of cup of water. Blot. Then, mix another teaspoon of a mild pH balanced detergent (mild non-alkaline non-bleaching detergent) with a cup of warm water. Blot. Finally, sponge with clean water and blot.

You've spilled chocolate milk - What do you do?

To remove a chocolate milk stain from your carpet try a spot remover. Spot removers are specially formulated to remove stains and spots caused by blood, chocolate, excrement, grease, milk, oil, soft drinks and more. Simply follow the easy to read instructions on the bottle and your chocolate milk stains will be stains no more.

Dry Stain, Wet Stain - What do you do?

If you are attempting to clean up a dry stain on your carpet first vacuum the loose soil up before applying cleaning solution. If you have a wet stain, blot it don't rub it in. Rubbing will only cause the stain to spread and go deeper into your carpet. It is also handy to have a carpet cleaning solution handy for times like these.try a Steam Cleaner. Whenever you get a stain it is always better to treat it immediately. Not doing so will cause the stain to be harder to remove and some stains may permanently stain your carpet if not treated immediately.

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